Decimal Factor is
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Decimal Factor is a leading payments and digital brokerage firm, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We have helped merchants raise millions on our leading brokerage and payment platforms.

We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to give you the unique opportunity to contribute to the future of our company. When the campaign opens, you will be able to help us raise capital in exchange for ownership of shares in our company. You could become a shareholder in Decimal Factor!

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey, please enter your email address along with a non-committal indication of the level of support you are considering giving us and we will keep you updated on the progress of our campaign. By pre-registering you will also be given priority access when the campaign goes live.

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Join us on this exciting
journey today!
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Why are we crowdfunding?

We want to give merchants the opportunity to be shareholders.

We see considerable marketing value in allowing our clients as well as our personal networks the opportunity to share in our success. We are passionate about wanting to create wealth for all those that have helped us succeed.

Alternative Funding platforms are rapidly growing. We have a proven track record of helping merchants raise over £50 million, we have worked with clients all over UK and USA and will be shortly working with clients in UAE. We have been short listed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority Cohort for an ITL licence, we have increased our range of products and lenders for arranging responsible funding. We help more than 1200 merchants in UK and USA and we have ambitious plans for the future.

Growing our team and services

As our client base grows, we need to keep constantly upgrading our technology to help us deliver the high standard of service we are renowned for. In the past, we were more conventional in our approach and as we move towards 2020 we will be more and more digital. Our inorganic sales will be over taken by organic sales by 2020 for which we need state of the art artificial intelligence modules, great digital customer journey, amazing user experience. We also have aspirations to become a one-stop-shop for all finance and payment needs. Also, we need to recruit more experts in project management, marketing, data science, artificial intelligence technologies , business advice and customer service.

Maximising our presence

SME Clients/ Merchants who throw us the challenge to find funding to fuel their dreams have a 80% chance of success. We know our programme works and we want more people to know about it. Our ambition is to become the first point of call to any business that is thinking of arranging responsible funding to grow.

Why Join Our Campaign?

Because we are at a growth stage with a great track record and you can be part of our growth. With our own capital we have delivered last three years of doubling our top line year after year. We have been profitable every year since inception. We have a viable business with revenues exceeding £4 million which fewer than 25K of the 5.7 million businesses/ companies in the UK have ever achieved. We have a proven minimum viable model, yet full of ideas. We are planning to run our campaign on Seedrs which will allow you to contribute to our future in exchange for a range of exciting perks and the possibility to acquire shares.

How to join? Once we have launched our campaign you will need to create an account on Seedrs and make your contribution. Once you are registered you can pledge as little as £10 to as much as you like.

But first, we are asking you to pre-register here if you are interested so we can send you an email with all the relevant information when we are ready to launch our campaign.This comes at no obligation to you. You can change your mind at any time.