Accounting Insights

Seamlessly link your accounting platforms to view all your data in a visual graph. All information is audited and run through our bespoke algorithm to provide key ratios and insights.

Banking Insights

Use OpenBanking to view your financial services, Income, Regular Outgoings & Event Feed. Download a categorized & audited financial report.

Business Credit Score Insights

View your Company’s Credit Score, rating, limit & CCJ summary. A detailed report with additional information containing a 5-year financial statement view can be downloaded.

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Who we are

Our goal is to make funding available to small businesses who are struggling to get business loans from high street banks. By allowing them to view their financial information in a way that allows for smarter financial decisions.

Today we have a successful track record of helping thousands of small & medium businesses grow through a range of cash flow products via secured and unsecured loans.

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